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Writeathons – good or not? 0

Writeathons – good or not?

A couple of weeks ago I came across an opportunity that I couldn’t resist.  The opportunity to participate in a 10 day shutupandwriteathon.  Now if that seems like a strange title, it is.  The...

Stronger Than Circumstances? 0

Stronger Than Circumstances?

Yes indeed. Thank you Mary Morrisey for your excellent e-book.  (Get your copy here) 3 proven ways to overcome fear, limitations and procrastination, to achieve your dreams.  Wow…just what I needed to hear/read as...

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Today I began working on my Day 9 project for the ShutUpAndWriteathon.  Yes, a few days late, but Stella told us we were allowed to not show up, to write what and when we...