Another Deadly Speaking Sin

Deadly Sin #6: Wrath

Andrew Dlugan

Wrath, or uncontrolled anger, is committed by a speaker who handles problems in the worst possible way.

As a speaker, you should always remain in control. No matter how bad your presentation is going, keep calm. Don’t let these frustrations provoke you:

 When you make a mistake (even a big one), resist the urge to draw more attention to it by cursing yourself in an attempt to draw pity.

 When an audience member is disrupting the room, resist the urge to “solve” it with sarcasm.

 When the room or venue logistics fail, don’t start blaming the organizers or anyone else. Instead, roll with in and move on.

 When an audience member is heckling you, do not take the bait.

Getting angry — whether at yourself, someone in the audience, or some other factor — is one of the worst things you can do. Your audience will feel uncomfortable and your credibility will be diminished considerably.

Finally, the first six speaker sins are all symptoms of the deadliest speaking sin of them all…

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Fran Watson

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