Attitude of Gratitude

Back in March 2017 I wrote about keeping a gratitude journal. I just came across this post by Felcia Slattery.

“By becoming thankful for the wonderful things in our life, we invite even more of what we want to join us on our Journey. Writing in a gratitude journal takes no more than five minutes a day. Simply take out a notebook, date the top of the page, and list 3-5 items that you were grateful for on that day. What things happened to you or did you notice that made you feel good? Try to think of different things each day. If you repeat the same 3-5 items days after day, you may be missing the opportunity to be grateful for hundreds of other things in and around your life. If you’re grateful for your partner or your kids or your job—get specific. Instead of listing:

  1.     My partner
  2.     My kids
  3.     My job
  4.     Nature

Try this:

  1.     When I arrived home from work today I found that my partner had cleaned the kitchen and left it sparkling.
  2.     My little girl told me I am her best friend and gave me a hug out of the blue—and didn’t follow it up with a request for a cookie!
  3.     I had a great conversation with a co-worker who helped me figure out the answer to a problem I’d been having.
  4.     After dinner, I took a walk outside and had to stop to stare at the gorgeous sunset. It really was beautiful and I love those sunset colors.

See the difference?

Another benefit to keeping a gratitude journal is that when you’re having a particularly bad day, you can go to your journal and check out all the greatness you have in your life. Over time, you’ll notice a shift in your thinking and perception. You’ll become more grateful for more of the joys of your life.”

Have you started your Gratitude Journal yet?  If so, how has your life changed.  Let me know in the comments section below.

To your success

Fran Watson

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