Avoiding Trends

Trends to avoid when presenting

Trends to Avoid When Speaking/Presenting

One of the trends these days is to give a quote without verifying either the source or the validity of the quote.

In the modern age of media, memes, quotes, and opinions get passed along at lightning speed. Which has both a positive and a negative side. The ability to get great ideas out to the masses quickly is amazing. The strength of social media to help organize crisis response is powerful. There are great things about modern communication. But it’s not all great. We have to use critical thinking skills when processing the information we encounter online. And we have to thoughtfully decide whether or not to include that information in our presentations. – Amy Boone

It is important to remember “Just because we see a quote or a statistic or an opinion widely shared doesn’t mean it is, in fact, accurate.” – Amy Boone

When you are speaking it is important to cite your sources and it is important to verify your sources.   Simply claiming to have found it on the internet isn’t enough.  Many times you will see a source cited as “anonymous”, but with a little careful digging you can probably find the real source.

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Communication 101 – Speaking Mistakes You Should No Longer Be Making

Have you ever been in the midst of a conversation with someone, and been so  distracted by the way that they speak that you completely missed what they were trying to say?

“Upspeak (or Uptalk) is one of the most contentious trends in communication over the last 20-30 years.  A quick search of YouTube will foster results from as early as 1994, where people were lamenting the use of the technique even back then.  While there is little agreement to be found on where upspeak itself originates, what is clear is that it is a vocal trend that is almost universally considered annoying and unprofessional.  It can be most easily characterized as ending declarative statements with an “up” sound, giving the indication that you are asking a questions instead of stating something outright.”

This is something that drives me crazy!!!  Read more

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