The Secret Of Smiles And Eye Contact Today I’m going to let you in on a little secret. Actually, it’s two little things that if done combined, will make you instantly seem more friendly and approachable. That’s a big deal when your goal is to make friends and win people over. They are to smile… Continue reading Smile

Are You Shy When It Comes to Public Speaking?

Today I have the opportunity to bring you a special treat.  A guest post from my friend Rachel Youngson of  I have purchased her products and her training and she is amazing.    Thanks Rachel for the post ********************************************** The Shy Girls Tips for Public Speaking ********************************************** Hi There, my name is Rachel Youngson… Continue reading Are You Shy When It Comes to Public Speaking?

Post Event Tasks

Going Out on a High Note: What to Do After a Speaking Event Most event speakers spend most of their time before an event preparing for it. Then when they arrive, they do their speech, hang out with other speakers, form connections, and put on their own speeches. But that’s only half the process. Just… Continue reading Post Event Tasks

Using Social Media for Speaking Gigs

4 Things Smart Speakers Do Before & During Events Elisa was attending her first conference as a speaker. She was excited and nervous. Since she’d never done this before, she reached out to one of her Facebook groups with experienced speakers. She asked them for advice and this is what some members suggested she do….… Continue reading Using Social Media for Speaking Gigs

Virtual Meetings

Virtual Meetings Being able to participate in meetings from your living room is a huge advantage in unprecedented situations like a pandemic. However, virtual meetings are not an excuse to forget basic etiquette. Everyone involved needs to respect each other’s time, and laying down some ground rules is an excellent way to ensure meetings don’t… Continue reading Virtual Meetings

Media Pages

What Speakers Should Put on Their Media Pages Sasha was asked to speak at a local event. She happily said, “Yes!” But when she saw the promotional flyer for the event, she cringed. The event coordinator had used an old photo of her that was low-resolution. It distorted and looked terrible. The bio that the… Continue reading Media Pages

Where Do I Find Speaking Gigs?

6 Ways to Find Speaking Gigs When Cassie wanted to start speaking, she was excited. She was looking forward to connecting with her audience but she wasn’t sure where to find those elusive first speaking gigs. A speaker friend recommended she start by doing some of these things… Ask Around “Personal and professional connections are… Continue reading Where Do I Find Speaking Gigs?

Paid to Speak?

Free or Premium: Should You Be Paid to Speak? Many people wanted to get started speaking, but the more they read about the subject, the more overwhelmed they become. Where to begin looking for speaking gigs? Should I speak for free or ask for a fee? Maybe you have a desire to speak—but you don’t… Continue reading Paid to Speak?