Speech Titles

The Importance of Speech Titles Cozy Log Cabin Cheesecake doesn’t the sound of that roll across your tongue and make you salivate?   That’s how your speech title should sound to your audience. This is nutrition month and time to think about health and energy and eating well and maybe a Cozy Log Cabin Cheesecake doesn’t fit… Continue reading Speech Titles

The Power of Words

Spoken Words Have More Power Than You Realize Jasmine often called herself unattractive names. Sometimes, she did it when she was with friends and making self-deprecating jokes. But other times, she did it when she was angry and wanted to express her disappointment in herself or her behavior. Tracy, a good friend, finally called Jasmine… Continue reading The Power of Words

Take Action on your Dreams

Let us then, be up and doing With a heart for any fate; Still achieving, still pursuing, Learn to labor and to wait. – Henry Wadsworth Longfellow Dreams are not enough.  Dreaming will not get us anywhere if we don’t take action on our dreams.  Each and every day we need to do at least… Continue reading Take Action on your Dreams

Know Your Audience

Have you been told this before? What does it mean? How are you supposed to get to know your audience when you are speaking at a new venue? An article in The American Society of Engineers says the following: “To connect with your audience, you need to understand why your topic is important to them.… Continue reading Know Your Audience

Self Care

Today I found an amazing site with all kinds of tips on self-care. If you are like me, you often put others ahead of yourself and then wonder why you are so exhausted. It’s important to take time out to refresh and recover. This may mean just pouring yourself a cup of tea or coffee… Continue reading Self Care

It’s Over, Now What?

Thank you for following along with me for the “30 Days to a More Optimistic You” Positivity Challenge! With any luck, you’ve learned a few things about yourself that you didn’t know before. Hopefully, you’ve gained some insights into your relationships, and rejoiced for all that’s good and right and beautiful. Hopefully, you’re learning to… Continue reading It’s Over, Now What?

Appreciate Your Friends

“30 Days to a More Optimistic You” Positivity Challenge – Day 30. Be Grateful for Friends On the last day of our 30-Day Positivity Challenge, we will simply appreciate our friends. What is it about certain people that makes you want to have them as a friend? Do you keep a “collection” of people that… Continue reading Appreciate Your Friends

Protecting Our Planet

“30 Days to a More Optimistic You” Positivity Challenge – Day 28: In Awe of Our Precious Planet The planet where we exist is a miracle. Do you feel blessed to be alive on this miraculous Eden that teems with life… Mother Earth? It’s easy to forget how bizarre and wondrous our existence on this… Continue reading Protecting Our Planet

How Is Your Inner Child?

“30 Days to a More Optimistic You” Positivity Challenge – Day 27. Your Inner Child is Calling Do you make it a point to listen to your inner child? Some people think that once they’re of a certain age, being child-like is… well, for children. But there is a big difference between having a child-like… Continue reading How Is Your Inner Child?