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Do you ever come up with some creative ideas only to rethink them or have someone ask you “What makes you think you can do that?”  If so, you will probably enjoy this podcast by my friend Kelly McCausey.  https://lovepeoplemakemoney.com/podcast/what-makes-you-think-you-can-do-that/

Often people will try to shut you down when you tell them what you are thinking of doing. Sometimes it is best not to share with them right away until you spend a little more time working on your project.

When it comes to public speaking, there are lots of people to learn from and you will notice that not everyone does the same thing.  Some people are humorous, some are not.  Some people make great keynote speakers, others make great trainers.  When you look at the World Champions, you will see some great differences in how they approached their speech, how they related to the audiences, their speech topics, their dress, etc.

It is important to be true to yourself.  True to your style.  Not all of us have the ability to be funny and that’s a good thing.


Are you a “rule breaker”?  Who sets the rules?  What are the rules that you think you must follow? Has anyone ever asked you the question, “Who said you could do that?” or “Who do you think you are?” or “What makes you think you can do that?”  Sometimes these questions come from jealousy or from someone who would like to be as bold as you, or from someone who is a “rule follower”.  The rules we are following are from programming we picked up over the years.  The thing to ask yourself is – does this programming serve me or not?  Listen to yourself when you hear these questions, or if you ask these questions.  What is it you want to do?  Why not do it. Create what you want – not what someone else says you should do.

To doing your own thing

Fran Watson





P.S. Here is the link to Kelly’s podcast again:   https://lovepeoplemakemoney.com/podcast/what-makes-you-think-you-can-do-that/



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