Curating Content

Curating Content

Recently I have been participating in a Curating Content course and have learned lots of ways to curate content.  I have been practicing and so you may have noticed a number of different articles in my posts recently.  Now I would like to share some information from 4 or 5 of my friends and companions on this journey.

Rozlyn Warren shares her thoughts on hosting an online summit

What does it take to pull off an online summit? Guts, determination and alignment, plus…

In this live interview, my friend and one of the featured speakers at my first summit dug deep as we talked about what it REALLY takes.

Jennifer Burke shared tips on email marketing from several of her friends here

Jennifer says:  But if you’re not a writer or ever get stumped it can feel miserably hard to figure out what to say in a welcome series of emails. I’m here to help with a round-up of examples of good welcome emails that you should steal borrow for your business. PLUS I have a workshop coming if you want hands-on help and accountability for your creating your own Email Welcome Series Mojo

Joan Rudder Ward asks a very interesting question in her curated post:  Do You Have The Grit To Be Successful?

If you have dogs, you might be very interested in Kelly Crompton’s post on the need for Sunscreen for your pets.

Kelly says:  Actually, while a dog’s fur does offer a bit of protection against the harmful effects of the sun, most dogs — especially those with white fur and/or short hair — do need sunscreen.

If you are interested in learning more about curating content for your own site, you might want to check out Kelly McCausey’s self-study Content Creation course and try it for yourself.



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