Deadly Sin – Envy

Deadly Sin #2: Envy

From Andrew Dlugan –

Envy is characterized by a false belief that great speakers are simply lucky to have been born with natural speaking skills.

You’ve heard the excuses from your colleagues, haven’t you?

 “She’s so lucky! She’s a natural speaker!”

 “Hmph! It’s so easy for him to speak in front of people.”

 “No, I couldn’t deliver the proposal. I’m not a speaker.”

People who are envious of the “natural” skills of others are more likely to apply misguided solutions when confronted by an unavoidable speaking situation:

 They steal stories and anecdotes from others rather than creating original ones

 They copy PowerPoint slides from others even if they don’t quite apply

 They mimic the oratorical style of others and lack authenticity

Because of bad habits like this, speakers suffer from lack of confidence. They know the stories, the slides, and the words are not their own. Nervousness results because they fear being exposed, and this nervousness leads to crazy behaviors like… (read more tomorrow)

Go, and sin no more…


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