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I belong to SFI – Strong Futures International where I have the opportunity to build a business that allows me to work from home.  Each day there are opportunities to learn and grow and each day there are special deals to take advantage of.  I am sharing one of these deals here today for you to check out.

Triple Clicks Deal Of The Day

2017 will largely be determined by the choices you make today and the actions that follow.

Here is the good news (and the bad news): No matter what circumstances come your way in 2017, if you clearly identify your goals and work on them daily, next year will be amazingly better than if you don’t. And if you let things just happen, well, 2017 will not even come close to what it could have been.

The choice is yours.

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To your success

Fran Watson

By Fran Watson

Involved in public speaking since 2000. Joined Toastmasters in 2002 and have served in all Executive roles including serving one year as the District Public Relations Officer. Achieved my DTM in 2014. Develop and facilitate workshops in the area of employment and career development.

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