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Evaluate Your Speaking Skills

Evaluate Your Speaking Skills

I  have been going through some of my old Toastmasters items and I came across an old Communication and Leadership manual.  As I was reading through it I found a checklist – statements about evaluating where you see yourself as to where you want to be.  I thought I would share some of these questions with you so that you can evaluate yourself.  

Evaluation Checklist

Give yourself a score from1 to 5.  1 being “needs improvement” and 5 “doing great”

I feel confident and comfortable giving speeches

I enjoy speaking before an audience

I have no difficulty in finding interesting speech topics

I prepare thoroughly for every speech I present

I always plan my speeches with a clear purpose or goal in mind

I always consider my audience’s needs and interests when planning a speech

I am able to organize my ideas into a clear, logical outline

I speak with sincerity, earnestness, and enthusiasm

My speech openings capture audience attention and lead into my topic

I support the main points of my speeches with relevant data or examples

I end my speeches in a definite, memorable and conclusive manner

I build smooth transitions between my opening, body, and conclusion

I am able to speak effectively without depending heavily on notes

My speech delivery is free of verbal crutches, such as “ah” or “uhm”

My voice is easily heard without being too loud

I use vocal variety as a means of adding emphasis and feeling to my words

My delivery is free of distracting movements or mannerisms

My gestures, body movements, and facial expressions are purposeful, natural and spontaneous

I use eye contact as a means of establishing bonds with my listeners

I am careful to use words that precisely and vividly carry my message to the audience

I gracefully accept others’ evaluations of my speeches and attempt to profit from them

I am able to listen carefully and analytically to others’ speeches

I am able to evaluate others’ speeches in a tactful and helpful way

I am able to think quickly and clearly in an impromptu speaking situation

How did you do??? I can give myself a 5 on some and 3-4 on the others

P.S.  Please comment below.  Were there any of these points that stood out for you?

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