Filler Words

How is your communication?


Do you ever catch yourself saying “uhm”, “like”, ‘you know” or other filler words?

Do you notice when other people use them?

Do you find you lose track of the message as you count the number of uhms they use?

How can you become a better communicator?

One way is to join a local Toastmasters Club.  (

Communication is one of the skills that employers are looking for when they hire a new employee.  This is one thing that can make or break a business.  People like to be spoken to politely and with good grammar.  They want to hear, “Good morning, how can I help you?”  or “Good afternoon, it’s nice to see you.”, not “what do you want?” “hi”.

People with good communication skills will rise up the ladder faster at work.

Develop your communication skills – read, join Toastmasters, practice speaking.  It will make a difference in your next interview.

Fran Watson

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