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Finding Your Voice

Finding Your Voice

Have you found your voice? Is your voice active? Passive? Is it the voice of hope? Are you the voice of reason? How about the voice of rebellion? Some presenters, when on stage, may say words but have no real voice. No matter what subject matter you speak about on or off stage, you can still have a voice somewhere inside. The question is, are you using it?

I have been following Darren Lacroix for a number of years now and have been learning to find my true voice.  How about you?  Did you know you have a voice?  Finding your voice is not always easy, but this post is a good place to start.  Darren says:

Whether you and I are on stage or writing an article, we are much more convincing when we find our voice. Our passion and perspective come through.

“When you combine your passion and your perspective, you find your voice.

Fran Watson

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  1. Nice, Fran! I was curious about Wolfgang and I had to read to find out about this guy! I’ve never seen or read Rock of Ages, but this sounds really up my alley, though. Thank you for sharing a great find.

  2. What a vivid explanation of what your voice is. Thanks for curating this article, @Fran!

    This line stood out to me: “Most people undervalue their perspective and allow that fear of rejection to spook them from really speaking their minds.

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