It is important to take the opportunity to practice your public speaking.  One of the ways is to attend Toastmasters meetings.

I take advantage of my various roles to incorporate my writing as well as my speaking skills.

Our theme for one of our weekly Toastmasters’ Meeting this week was Opportunity and I had the opportunity to give the toast, so I wrote a poem on the subject.

Opportunities Taken

Expand my horizons?

Oh no, I’m too scared

I don’t think I’d know what to do.

I’ve grown used to the comfort

Of just coming and listening

And maybe doing timing, or ah counting or quizzing

But take on a role of Toastmaster, no way

I might make mistakes. What would I say?

And table topics is frightening, people might boo

When I introduce a topic or two.

Expand my horizons

Do you really think I could?

The thought just scares me to death.

Well ok, not quite, but almost, but then,

that’s how I felt before I began

my weekly sessions at Toastmasters;

So maybe I can..

Ok, yes I’ll do it, I’ll step out in faith

sign me up.

I did it, I did it and I did ok

I really expanded my horizons today

And it felt so good I’ll do it again,

Why let opportunity just pass me by,

Without even looking to give it a try?

Just give me that schedule

And I’ll put down my name

I’ll start with the story or maybe a toast

It will give me an opportunity to stand up and boast.

Perhaps next week I’ll give my next speech

Or maybe even the word of the week.

My confidence grows with every new step

And I look forward to things that I haven’t done yet

I’m expanding my horizons and I’ll continue to soar

As each week I’ll do something and then one thing more.

Opportunities given, opportunities taken

The growth is amazing, there’s no mistaking

So look around at the things you can do

Who knows what next can happen for you!

Fran Watson

copyright Feb 7, 2011

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