Remain Positive

Keep Positive People Close to You – Keep positive friends close by and reel them in when you need a boost. Your attitude will directly affect your day; so if you are being sour and negative, your day will spiral into a sour and negative day. Don’t be ashamed of your bad moods, just take responsibility for them. Grab a friend, talk about it and then let it go.

Keep Negative People out of Your Bubble – Make a choice to slowly distance yourself from them and know that their negativity has nothing to do with you; it’s their stuff don’t own it for yourself. You will never rid yourself of all the negative people in your life. After all, some of them are your employers, co-workers and family members. You can, however, keep them at a distance while enclosing yourself in a more protected bubble. You don’t have to let their negativity into your space.

Choose Your Filters Wisely – Choose what books, music and television you let in. Stop ‘hanging out’ on social networking gossip sites and take responsibility for your own actions.   If you read negative stories, watch the news and get involved in gossip, you will most likely end up with negative thoughts. After all, negative stories are what so much of these things focuses on these days.

Listen to the Right Kinds of Music – If you are feeling low, pop on some dance tunes and watch how quickly your toes will begin to tap. Uplifting music will change your brain waves and fast music will give you a boost of adrenaline. Try listening to some classical music as well.

Remaining positive helps you maintain balance in your life.  It also may give you ideas for speech topics, such as Thanksliving, which is the topic of a speech I am giving at my Toastmasters meeting.

To living positively

Fran Watson

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