” Procrastination:  to be slow or late about doing something that should be done : to delay doing something until a later time because you do not want to do it, because you are lazy, etc.”

Although I have been busy writing speeches, attending meetings, earning educational awards, I have been procrastinating about updating my blogs.  I realized this morning that I have been wasting time by going back to sleep in the morning instead of getting up and getting started.  Because of this I end up rushing around and not accomplishing what I wanted to get done.

Recently I sat down to look at my goals for my clubs.  I had intended to complete a Competent Communicator Manual and Competent Leader Manual for all three clubs.  I did not succeed in completing these goals because I looked at it too late.  Although I obtained a Competent Leader in two clubs and a Competent Communicator and Advanced Communicator in one of my clubs, I did not complete all my speeches or meeting roles.

One of the roles that needed to be completed for the Competent Leader was a newsletter for the Club.  One other member and I worked diligently on this and put together a quality newsletter by the deadline date and obtained our credits for doing so in our books.

I also prepared some articles for a local paper and emailed them out.  I was rewarded by seeing one of the articles in print this week.  However, there is much more to be done.  Speeches to be written, agendas to be prepared, mentees to be nurtured, roles to be filled.  So, no more procrastination!!  Time to write down my Toastmasters goals in order to achieve them by the end of this year.

How about you?  What goals have you set for yourself this year?  Have you been procrastinating?  Is there something specific you want to accomplish?  Write it down in the comment section.  Writing your goal down is the first step to achieving it and when you state it clearly, you brain begins to work on achieving it.

To your speaking success

Fran Watson

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