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Selling Your Product from the Stage

Katrina had been speaking for a few months because she’d heard it would help her grow her business. But despite speaking, nothing was changing. She wasn’t getting more clients or selling more products. So, Katrina reached out to a mentor who had several years of experience speaking.

Her mentor said, “If you’re getting paid to speak and the speaking itself is the end game, that’s awesome. But even if you’re not getting paid money, you still can leverage your speaking to benefit your business if you plan well.”

Here’s what Katrina’s mentor told her to do…

Develop Funnel Vision

Think of your speaking opportunity as the top of a marketing funnel. The content you share is going to have an impact and will teach your audience something valuable. As you plan it out, always be thinking, “What is the next step?”

When you speak, you almost always have a chance to make a call to action. This might be a specific spoken call to action to sign up for something free or to buy something.

Be Subtle If Needed

Not every event host wants speakers making a pitch from the stage. In these cases, you’ll want to make a subtle offer. For example, you might invite audience members to follow up with you at the event. If you have a table to invite them to, that’s wonderful. Then have materials ready to share.

You might say something simple like, “After the event, come find me. I have a gift for you.” Once members show up, the gift could be a postcard with details on how to claim a free digital resource.

Shout It from the Stage

Some event hosts may encourage you to make an offer in the final moments of your presentation. You can use a cool tool like LeadDigits from LeadPages to do this. When an audience member texts a certain address, they’ll be automatically subscribed to your mailing list

You could say something simple like, “Text the word SAMPLE to 44222”. Doing this automates and simplifies the opt-in process.

Talk with Your Host

If paid offers are welcome at the event, then it’s important that you know your audience and their comfortable spending level. Ask the host or organizers for their best insights. They might tell you that products for a certain price point sell best or that you’ll earn more if you bundle two products together.

Making an offer at an event is only half the process. You may want a way to secure the sale right away. Some speakers have a multi-part form for taking orders and credit card information right at the event. You can even purchase a credit card chip readerthat attaches to your smartphone or other device.

Not all speaking opportunities allow for offers to be made but don’t let that discourage you. You will have an impact and you have the entire event to continue to connect with your audience. Then you can invite them to learn more about you, your product or your services.

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