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What is the Realm of Possibility?

You’ve heard the expressions “within the realm of possibility” and “beyond the realm of possibility”. The definition is that something is either possible or impossible depending on whether it’s within or beyond.

The realm of possibility then is something we can see changing or happening. In our context it’s the area between our comfort zone and what we believe to be impossible or unreachable.  When you think about public speaking, the options are endless.  If you want to be a world class public speaker, you just have to get started.  You can start with Toastmasters and move through all the levels from beginner to advanced speaker.  You can learn about social media, podcasting, speaking to small groups or large groups and you can attend conferences and workshops to learn more about public speaking.  You can also watch youtube videos of world class speakers to get some ideas about how to use gestures and vocal variety.

words related to within realm of possibility

possibly / adv. by chance; in some way

God willing, at all, by any chance, by any means, conceivably, could be, if possible, in any way, likely, maybe, not impossibly, peradventure, perchance, perhaps, probably

One of the most important concepts I want you to grasp before we go any further is that both the comfort zone and the realm of possibility are fluid areas. They can change and expand or sadly contract depending on what your mind can conceive.

In the end, it’s all in your head, and that’s a good thing. That means you can take control and shift the borders of both the comfort zone and the realm of possibility at will.

realm of possibility

To opening up the realms of possibility in your life

Fran Watson





P.S.  Remember to record your steps in your journal and write some comments below.

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