S.O.S. Guide To Speech Preparation

S.O.S. –   Simple, Orderly, Step-by-step

Guide to Speech Preparation

GOAL – Speech # ___


Choose a Topic – determine the purpose of your speech – pick what you are passionate about – look at your life experiences, look for ideas in newspapers and magazines as well as on the internet – target an object, a group, an event

Choose a Title – the title should hint at what the speech is about – this may come after you have written the speech, or it may be what you start off with

Decide on an opening – start off with a “hook” to grab the audience’s attention, give the audience a reason for listening, touch on the moral or message in the opening

Decide on a closing – make sure your conclusion ties in with your opening – summarize your main points, end with a powerful quotation or startling statement, make eye contact with your audience

Determine length of speech – check your manual and practice using a timer

Speech body – limit to 2 or 3 main points (less is more), arrange your main points in a logical, dramatic sequence, be passionate as well as factual, use stories, quotations, statistics, humour, personal experiences to illustrate your points, develop smooth transitions between each main point, set the stage for the closing

Work with a mentor – ask your mentor (or a fellow club member) to listen to your speech and offer constructive suggestions to improve it

Set a date for your speech – all goals need to have a time line – this can change as needed, but give yourself a time line to work towards

To your speaking success

Fran Watson

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