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Why Do We Create Comfort Zones?

Practice Makes Perfect

We create comfort zones out of necessity. They help us get into routines and limit stress. The end result is a relative increase of productivity and a feeling of safety and stability. In other words, comfort zones are a good thing. We just don’t want to lock ourselves in them.

Think of your comfort zone like your house. It’s your safe place. It’s where you sleep and it’s where you spend a good chunk of your time.

But imagine how boring life would be if you spent all of it inside your home? What if you never ventured out and had fun and new experiences? Life would be quite boring and you’d be missing out on a lot, wouldn’t you?


Comfort zones are there for a reason. They are important. We wouldn’t want to be homeless and live on the street. It would be incredibly stressful. We need a safe place where we can relax and avoid feeling stressed and anxious. What we don’t want to do is to lock ourselves in that zone and throw away the key.

What is one thing you are going to do today to step outside your comfort zone?

Fran Watson


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