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Self Care

Today I found an amazing site with all kinds of tips on self-care.

Develop good self-care habits
Develop Self-Care Habits

If you are like me, you often put others ahead of yourself and then wonder why you are so exhausted. It’s important to take time out to refresh and recover. This may mean just pouring yourself a cup of tea or coffee and sitting outside for half an hour, or maybe taking half an hour to read a book or some uplifting quotes.

It may mean talking to a good friend about what is going on in your lives over a glass of wine or a coffee or some lemonade. The drink part really doesn’t matter, it’s the conversation that makes the difference. Self-care is about giving ourselves relief when we feel overwhelmed.

It is important to recognize your stress indicators, such as mood swings, shortening temper, or feeling drained, overwhelmed, or angry. Use these “warning signs” to let you know you need “me time” and some self-care. If you’re feeling overwhelmed with too much social interaction, go home. Don’t be afraid to cancel plans or say “no.”

Giving your emotions free reign—or at least acknowledging your emotional state and moving on—is an important part of self-care. Before you can get better, you must acknowledge what is and was, and make those changes

It may be helpful to have a journal in which you can remind yourself of the good stuff in life by writing a list of things you’re grateful to have. Then post it somewhere you can see it often to help refocus your emotions when you feel down.

Emotional Self-Care Ideas
Self Care Ideas

These tips are just a starting point. You can find many more here. I encourage you to check this site out and find some tips that you can put to use.

To improving your personal self-care.

Fran Watson

P.S. Try some adult coloring as a form of anxiety and/or stress release. This can also serve to help you focus, be more mindful and perhaps spark some creativity.

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