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Oh my goodness I popped over to my friend Melissa Brown’s website and found this amazing article…. it spoke to me for sure.  I have so many Shelf-Help Books.

What’s a Shelf-Help Book?

“When your self-help books decorate your shelf instead of being read, you’ve got a collection of shelf-help books doing no one any good.

I love reading. I particularly love reading personal growth and development books. These books are also known as self-help books. When I hear about a book I think I want to read, sometimes I buy it just so it’s physically in my world. That way, I don’t forget about it. It’s there to decorate my shelf before I read it.

When Self-Help Turns Into Shelf-Help

When it stays on that shelf for a long time, that’s when it becomes a shelf-help book instead of a self-help book.

Unfortunately, the number of books on my shelf-help list has grown faster than the read list. There’s an extensive number of shelf-help books sitting on my bookcase now. I think I need an intervention.”


Melissa offered her list for people to comment on and suggest which book she should read next.  The only one I had read was Atomic Habits but darned if I didn’t see a whole list of books that I would like to read…..I just have to get through my Shelf-Help books first!!!

Why not help Melissa to decide what to read next from her Shelf-Help list.


Fran Watson

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