Stronger Than Circumstances?

Yes indeed.

Thank you Mary Morrisey for your excellent e-book.  (Get your copy here)

3 proven ways to overcome fear, limitations and procrastination, to achieve your dreams.  Wow…just what I needed to hear/read as I began my Power Manifesting Program.  I have been working on a ShutUpAndWriteathon and this fit right in with that as well.  Talking about the mean wolf and the good wolf and I realized that the mean wolf was PROCRASTINATION as I mentioned yesterday.  So if I want the good wolf to come forward, then I need to stop “feeding” procrastination.  I need to “just do it” as the Nike commercial says.

Now Mary was kind, as is Mike Kemski, and said “don’t be too hard on yourself when you get derailed.  It doesn’t mean you can’t have what you desire or that you are not worthy of achieving your goals.”  whew….that’s good news.

Mary has been where I am and has seen many others in the same place – motivated one day, perhaps even for a week or two and then something comes up to derail or distract me.  This has happened more often than I care to say.  And I know in my head that it takes 21 days to create a new habit, that I just have to continue doing it EVERY DAY for 21 days and that if I get derailed the time starts all over again.  I KNOW it….I just don’t act on it and therein lies my BIGGEST problem – me, well the “ego” me, the one who doesn’t want me to rock the boat, to step out of my comfort zone.  Well Ms Ego, it’s time I changed that. It’s time I ventured out.  It’s time I discovered what more I could be and do.

It’s time to ditch the excuses of “I don’t have the time” (I will MAKE the time), “I don’t have the money” (Start small – publish that Kindle book), “I don’t know the right people” (I know some good people and they can help me reach others.) “I don’t have enough education.” (I have a university degree and I know how to read.)

Mary said: “You have more power than you know and your results can start to change the moment you make the decision to do things differently.  The shift creates the change.”  I believe this is already happening.  I have written 6 blog posts in the last two days.  I have manifested more money and more connections.  I am listening to the voice of “I will”, “I can” and “I choose to”.  How about you?

To your speaking and writing success

Fran Watson

P.S.  If you want your own copy of Mary’s book click here:

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