As a Toastmaster we learn that words are powerful.  The words you use and how you use them can make a big difference to the message you are sharing with your audience.  When you use the phrase, “I’m stuck” you stop, but when you use other phrases, such as “I’m thinking about…” you move forward.

Here are some phrases suggested by Marisa Murgatroyd to incorporate into your vocabulary.  Become more confident instead of putting yourself into the victim role.  Instead of saying “I’m stuck,” how about saying:

– I’m in the process of getting clear about x
– I’m getting clear on x
– I’m clarifying my approach to x
– I’m about to learn how to x
– I’m about to have a breakthrough around x
– I’m creating a new neural pathway for x
– I’m expanding my comfort zone around x
– I’m expanding my capacity to x
– I’m experimenting with x
– I’m testing ideas for x

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