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You Don’t Have To Go It Alone – It’s Okay To Need Support


It’s okay to need more support.  We briefly talked about getting other people involved when it comes to accountability. Let’s dive a little deeper in this tip about getting others involved. Having people around you who support you can be a huge help when it comes to stepping out of your comfort zone.

Find that supportive person in your life and recruit them as you very own cheerleader. This is the kind of person that lets you know that you’re making progress and is always happy to lend a hand or share some words of encouragement. This is the first person you want to call when you feel like quitting or need a pep talk.  I believe AA has people like this who are called sponsors for people trying to stop drinking.  The sponsor is available at all times to help and support the person they are working with.

Another great option is finding another person or even an entire group with goals similar to use. If you’re trying to go out there and walk more, joining a walking group will help.

While it’s usually pretty easy to find a running club in most towns walking clubs are a little harder to come by. Try using google to search your area. Other ways to find local clubs include checking with your local running club, running or sporting goods stores, the YMCA, and attending local races. You might also find groups on Facebook or at social sites such as meetup.com.  You might also find out about special events such as a Yoga retreat.

If you want to get more comfortable speaking in public, joining Toastmasters will help. You get the idea.  What is it that you would like to try?  What kind of support do you need to make it a success?

Finding others to work alongside is a great way to increase accountability, share knowledge, and makes anything more fun.

Come up with some groups you can join or do some research to see how you can find others with similar goals to mastermind with.  There are always others interested in some of the same things you are, it just may take a little longer to find them if what you want to do is a little out of the ordinary.

To finding help along the way…

Fran Watson





P.S.  There are many groups out there.  Just check for a local meetup group

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