Another Deadly Speaking Sin

Deadly Sin #6: Wrath Andrew Dlugan Wrath, or uncontrolled anger, is committed by a speaker who handles problems in the worst possible way. As a speaker, you should always remain in control. No matter how bad your presentation is going, keep calm. Don’t let these frustrations provoke you:  When you make a mistake… Continue reading Another Deadly Speaking Sin

Are You A Boring Speaker?

  Have you ever been waiting your turn to speak and waited and waited and waited because the people before you, all of whom were allotted only 5 minutes have gone on and on and on…….? Deadly Sin #5: Greed From Andrew Dlugan “Speaking for more than your allotted time violates the contract you… Continue reading Are You A Boring Speaker?

Gluttony in Public Speaking

Have you ever given a speech that ran over time? Deadly Sin #4: Gluttony by Andrew Dlugan Gluttony is exhibited by speakers who believe that more is always better. More slides, more bullets, more examples, more facts, more numbers, more details, more words — more of everything. Packing all possible material into your presentation… Continue reading Gluttony in Public Speaking

Lust, The Third Deadly Sin?

Tips from Andrew Dlugan – “Please don’t picture the audience naked, especially if I am in your audience.” The lustful speaker attempts to calm their nerves by applying the common (yet terrible) advice to picture the audience naked! Please don’t picture the audience naked, especially if I am in your audience. In theory, picturing… Continue reading Lust, The Third Deadly Sin?

Tips To Overcome Speaking Fears

Most people have a fear of speaking to a large group. This is a totally normal apprehension. People may visualise the audience laughing at them, or shouting out. This is an extremely rare occurrence, unless you are a politician. Most people listening to you are aware of the pressures you are under and would never… Continue reading Tips To Overcome Speaking Fears

Speaking About Time

Have you ever thought about the relationship between time and public speaking? I just read this really neat blog by Andrew Dlugan of SixMinutes “On the surface, you engage your audience second by second, stringing together words into sentences that, over the duration of your presentation, may last minutes or perhaps hours. Yet, the impact… Continue reading Speaking About Time

Develop Leadership and Communication Skills With Toastmasters

How to Become an Ideal Leader When you are at work, do you get frustrated because things don’t seem to be happening the way they’re supposed to be? You see people milling around but nothing gets accomplished. And in the daily hustle and bustle, do you feel that your goals remain just that – goals.… Continue reading Develop Leadership and Communication Skills With Toastmasters


Make it Understandable If your audience doesn’t understand you, they can’t be persuaded by you. To be an effective communicator, you’ve first got to be a clear communicator. To be a clear communicator, you must use words, phrases, examples, and visuals that are understandable, and you’ve got to deliver them at a pace that the… Continue reading Understanding