Impromptu Speaking

Impromptu Speaking For many of us it’s the worst case scenario – suddenly having to deliver an impromptu presentation.  Maybe your boss just asked you to say a few words about the project you are working on.  Maybe you are at a networking meeting and have been asked to introduce yourself.  Suddenly your throat is… Continue reading Impromptu Speaking

Stretching Yourself

Stepping Out of Your Comfort Zone   Recently I decided to participate in a challenge that was designed to help people step out of their comfort zones in a number of different ways. There were 21 challenges from Activating Google Analytics (Challenge #1 and one that I decided to tackle) to Hosting a Virtual Summit… Continue reading Stretching Yourself


10 Steps for More Effective Conversations If you have a strong ability to communicate, you can positively impact any interaction with another person. This is especially true when you know how to listen. A conversation is a two-way street, and simply being a great orator is not enough to make you a top-flight communicator. Aside… Continue reading Conversation

Are You Shy When It Comes to Public Speaking?

Today I have the opportunity to bring you a special treat.  A guest post from my friend Rachel Youngson of  I have purchased her products and her training and she is amazing.    Thanks Rachel for the post ********************************************** The Shy Girls Tips for Public Speaking ********************************************** Hi There, my name is Rachel Youngson… Continue reading Are You Shy When It Comes to Public Speaking?

#1 Best Seller

#1 Best Seller That was the result of our online campaign to launch this book.  30 women authors told their inspiring stories and I was one of them.  It was awesome to read their stories and connect with them.  I invite you to purchase the book (still available at this time on Kindle for .99)… Continue reading #1 Best Seller

Communication – The Key To Success

Communication – The Key To Success   According to Randall S. Hansen, Ph.D., and Katharine Hansen, Ph.D., Every employer is looking for a specific set of skills from job-seekers that match the skills necessary to perform a particular job. In addition to these job-specific technical skills, there are certain skills which are nearly universally sought… Continue reading Communication – The Key To Success

Practice Makes Perfect in Public Speaking

Practice Makes Perfect in Public Speaking and Presentations   Why is it that some speakers captivate our attention and move us to action, while others put us to sleep? How can you learn to be one of the good ones? It takes Practice!! Contrary to popular opinion, great speakers are not born—they are made.  You… Continue reading Practice Makes Perfect in Public Speaking

Have Fun

Having Fun Helps Cultivate Positive & Creative Thinking   A few days ago, we talked about the culture at Google and how it promotes creative thinking. One of the things you hear again and again is how much fun it is to work there. As it turns out, having fun is an important part of… Continue reading Have Fun

The Many Faces of Communication

The Many Faces of Communication Facebook Messenger Instagram Snapchat Facebook Live Blogs Face Time Books Records Podcasts YouTube Text Messages Telephone Fax Telegram Handwritten note Speech Radio Email Voice mail Skype Twitter Newspaper Face-to-Face What is your favourite way to communicate? How well do you communicate? Do you ever misinterpret a message? Are your messages… Continue reading The Many Faces of Communication