Goal Setting

  Set Attainable Goals – If you set your sights too high, you are more likely to fail. It’s ok to have one big goal but break it into smaller attainable goals to work towards. Completing these smaller goals will keep you motivated no matter how long it takes you to reach the final big… Continue reading Goal Setting

Have Fun

Having Fun Helps Cultivate Positive & Creative Thinking   A few days ago, we talked about the culture at Google and how it promotes creative thinking. One of the things you hear again and again is how much fun it is to work there. As it turns out, having fun is an important part of… Continue reading Have Fun

Mastermind Groups

The Power Of Combining Minds   I have some mind math for you. When it comes to working together, and particularly when it comes to creative thinking, mind math works like this: 1 + 1 = 3 (or more) While this may look like I should have failed 1st grade math (I didn’t … just… Continue reading Mastermind Groups

Public Speaking and Your Business

When asked, the majority of people would claim that their greatest fear is getting up in front of a crowd and giving a speech. People in business often don’t know how to address a group of people who are wanting to learn more about their product or service. So why are we so afraid of… Continue reading Public Speaking and Your Business

3 Easy Steps

Throughout the history of human civilization, people have been expressing their confidence and strength, not only by force, but also by the noble art of public speaking. The orators of ancient Greece were highly respected and valued in the community. Likewise, today’s world leaders are admired and esteemed when they have the power to address… Continue reading 3 Easy Steps

Words Can Hurt or Heal

“Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words can never hurt me”…. when I was a child, this is what we used to say to people who were mean to us.  The truth is, though, words can and do hurt. Words hurt, heal, motivate, and aggravate. They are powerful. They control emotions and can… Continue reading Words Can Hurt or Heal

Leadership Quotes

25 Leadership Maxims by: Brent Filson “We will never know how really good we are as leaders unless we are leading people to be better than they think they are.” “Poor performance is less harmful to a leader than mediocre performance disguised as good performance.” “Most leaders are striving to get the wrong results or… Continue reading Leadership Quotes

Tips For Commencement Speeches

Five Tips for Commencement Speeches Toastmasters International offers advice to graduation speakers Toastmasters International, which has helped millions of men and women learn to speak with confidence and poise in front of audiences, offers five pointers for a great commencement speech: Keep it Brief. Limit the speech to a maximum of 20 minutes. Both the… Continue reading Tips For Commencement Speeches