Better Conversations

Better Conversations are possible Most of us spend time each day surrounded by friends, colleagues, strangers and loved ones, whether that’s on our daily commute, sitting in the park, at home, at work, or visiting the supermarket.  Yet many of us have a self-imposed feeling of isolation. We might say a quick “Hello” but don’t bother… Continue reading Better Conversations

Deep Conversations

Boring Small Talk or Deep Conversations? Tim Denning says:  Meaningful conversations can lead to bizarre opportunities. Most people begin with “How are you?”   Tim says that “How are you? is a throwaway line we’re taught to say at a young age, so we can appear to be polite.” Tim goes on to say:  The best… Continue reading Deep Conversations

Speaking with Zoom

The History of Public Speaking Throughout the history of human civilization, people have been expressing their confidence and strength, not only by force, but also by the noble art of public speaking. The orators of ancient Greece were highly respected and valued in the community. Likewise, today’s world leaders are admired and esteemed when they… Continue reading Speaking with Zoom

Emotional Intelligence

Can You Improve Emotional Intelligence? If IQ measures your mental intelligence, then EQ measures your emotional intelligence level. Most everyone has been taught that IQ is important for success in life. While people with higher intelligence levels generally have better career success than those with lower IQs, this is by no means guaranteed. The 21st… Continue reading Emotional Intelligence

Post Event Tasks

Going Out on a High Note: What to Do After a Speaking Event Most event speakers spend most of their time before an event preparing for it. Then when they arrive, they do their speech, hang out with other speakers, form connections, and put on their own speeches. But that’s only half the process. Just… Continue reading Post Event Tasks

Product Sales

Selling Your Product from the Stage Katrina had been speaking for a few months because she’d heard it would help her grow her business. But despite speaking, nothing was changing. She wasn’t getting more clients or selling more products. So, Katrina reached out to a mentor who had several years of experience speaking. Her mentor… Continue reading Product Sales

Speaking Events

Be Choosy about Your Speaking Events Natasha had been running her digital business for five years. When she was attending a business conference, she shared her story with the audience in a brief feedback session. She received a warm response from the audience and from that day forward, she was hooked. She started looking for… Continue reading Speaking Events