Change Your Life by Journaling

“Keeping a journal will absolutely change your life in ways you’ve never imagined.” – Oprah Winfrey Why is it so important to keep a journal?  Here are just a few of the benefits a personal journal will provide you: * A journal will remind you of your goals and the actions you are taking towards… Continue reading Change Your Life by Journaling

Stress Free Scrapbooking

Do you find it intimidating when you come to journal your scrapbook pages? You are not alone! Many scrapbookers find it hard to get started when it comes to adding journaling to their scrapbooking layouts. If you are one of those people who go blank at the thought of having to journal, don’t worry. Here… Continue reading Stress Free Scrapbooking

Song Lyrics and Scrapbooking?

Need A Scrapbook Journaling Idea?  Try using song lyrics in your next layout. Song lyrics can be a great source of title and page inspiration for a scraper. Music and songs play an important part in our lives. Hearing a song again can evoke a lot of emotion, bringing back fond memories of special times,… Continue reading Song Lyrics and Scrapbooking?

Scrapbook Journaling

By journaling your pages you will transform an ordinary collection of photographs into a vibrant and visual storyboard – telling the stories behind the pictures, revealing hidden memories and emotions. It will give your scrapbooks a unique and intimate feel, it is this personal touch that turns your albums into something very special. That is… Continue reading Scrapbook Journaling