Speaking Events

Be Choosy about Your Speaking Events Natasha had been running her digital business for five years. When she was attending a business conference, she shared her story with the audience in a brief feedback session. She received a warm response from the audience and from that day forward, she was hooked. She started looking for… Continue reading Speaking Events

Communication Is Today’s Most Important Life Skill

Possessing excellent communication skills can help take you far in both your career and your personal life. Many make the fatal mistake of thinking this skill is not important due to the advancement of technology, however, it’s even more important as we also need these skills to communicate electronically and learn.


Here is an opportunity for you to try out a variety of products at no cost. Seems like there must be some kind of catch doesn’t it, but in truth, there isn’t. Well, maybe that’s not quite true. The thing is there are SO MANY wonderful products the catch is it is difficult to choose… Continue reading Giveaway

Staying Positive

“30 Days to a More Optimistic You” Positivity Challenge – Day 2: Accentuate the Positive How likely are you to look on the positive side? Of course, some things are obviously a plus – like a free lunch, a beautiful day, a perfect parking spot or an unexpected check in the mail. It’s easy to… Continue reading Staying Positive

Having An Attitude of Gratitude

“30 Days to a More Optimistic You” – Day 1. Trying on an Attitude of Gratitude Welcome to our “30 Days to a More Optimistic Challenge!” For the month of May I have accepted this challenge and I’m so glad you decided to join us in this mission to be more positive in every aspect… Continue reading Having An Attitude of Gratitude

Self Love part 3

Exercise regularly This one goes hand in hand with the above follow a healthy diet recommendation. Exercise doesn’t have to be a long gym workout or 60-minute exercise class. In fact, even just 20-30 minutes of exercise a day can be beneficial. It’ll help your mood which in turn will help you feel better about… Continue reading Self Love part 3

Boost Your Confidence

5 Things You Can Do To Boost Your Confidence Most of us have times when we don’t feel confident. It might be when we are heading to a job interview, or perhaps a first date, or when we have to make a speech or presentation to a large crowd. So what can you do to… Continue reading Boost Your Confidence