What Is Your Message?

Define the Message You’ll Share Daphne loved the idea of speaking. She wanted to grow her makeup and beauty business but she wasn’t sure how to get started with speaking. Her mentor told her to focus on first defining her message. Every speaker needs a keystone message. But building this message can be tricky. Where… Continue reading What Is Your Message?

Sandwich Month

I was reading a blog this morning this morning and found out that August is sandwich month. The first thought that came to mind was a toasted tomato sandwich with a tomato fresh from my garden (although I am still waiting for them to ripen). What is your favourite “go to” sandwich that you order… Continue reading Sandwich Month

Wordless Communication aka Body Language

There is a language that we all speak, but few are conscious of: the language of our bodies. When we are talking to others – either face-to-face, or from the front of the room, our posture, gestures, eye movements and general demeanor communicate far more than our words. If you are unconsciously giving out the… Continue reading Wordless Communication aka Body Language