Choosing A Speech Topic

Do you realize people fear speaking in public more than they fear dying? Maybe because dying is abstract and appears far away while the lectern is right in front of them. Either way, you really can come to grips with your fear and maybe you won’t enjoy it, but you’ll be able to get through… Continue reading Choosing A Speech Topic

Say Yes

Challenge Yourself To Say Yes More In yesterday’s post, we talked about taking risks and how that relates to creative thinking. Toward the end of the post, I encouraged you to take a few more risks. One way to do this is to say “yes” more often. “Yes” is a powerful word that can have… Continue reading Say Yes

The Many Faces of Communication

The Many Faces of Communication Facebook Messenger Instagram Snapchat Facebook Live Blogs Face Time Books Records Podcasts YouTube Text Messages Telephone Fax Telegram Handwritten note Speech Radio Email Voice mail Skype Twitter Newspaper Face-to-Face What is your favourite way to communicate? How well do you communicate? Do you ever misinterpret a message? Are your messages… Continue reading The Many Faces of Communication

How To Become A Better Writer

12 Ways to Become a Better Writer Are you a writer? Today’s online marketplace has a high demand for writers, but the competition is heavy, so you’ll want to be the best writer you can be. Here are 12 ways you can become a better writer. Why not give them a try. Look at articles,… Continue reading How To Become A Better Writer

Effective Web Copy

Tips on Writing Effective Web Copy Is your web copy working for you, or could it do a better job? Be honest. Are you getting the traffic conversion rate you were looking for or is it lacking? These tips on writing effective web copy could turn things around for you, so make sure you read… Continue reading Effective Web Copy

Copywriting Secrets

Copywriter Secrets You Should Know About If you are working hard to become the best copywriter you can be, good for you! Half the battle is persistence and practice. Of course, having some of those top secrets no one wants to share can certainly come in handy too! And that’s exactly what we are about… Continue reading Copywriting Secrets

Become A More Productive Writer

How to Become a More Productive Writer Becoming a writer and becoming a productive writer are two different things. The fact of the matter is that the only writers online that make any money are those that are both fast and good. You can be fast and create terrible copy that no one wants, and… Continue reading Become A More Productive Writer

Writing Articles

5 Steps to a Top Notch Article There are all kinds of articles on the web, but a good web article should be between 500 and 800 words and it should share something – give useful tips, provide ‘how to’ information, or answer a question. There are 5 steps that will ensure you create a… Continue reading Writing Articles

You Too Can Become A Public Speaker

Becoming really good at public speaking requires some risk, but you have been taking risks all your life.  When you were a toddler, you risked falling down when you took your first steps.  You risk scraping your knees or falling when you start roller blading.  You risk falling off when you start bike riding.  You… Continue reading You Too Can Become A Public Speaker


As a Toastmaster we learn that words are powerful.  The words you use and how you use them can make a big difference to the message you are sharing with your audience.  When you use the phrase, “I’m stuck” you stop, but when you use other phrases, such as “I’m thinking about…” you move forward.… Continue reading Stuck??