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How To Impress With Words In 3 Simple Steps

By Michael Lee

Knowing how to impress with words can help you in so many ways. It can help you communicate your message better, create more impact and get ahead.

Using the right words is, of course, important in communication. But effective communication involves more than just that. Here are 3 simple steps on how to impress with words and connect proficiently with other people.

Step 1: Listen.

Communication is a two-way process; and for it to be successful, realize that you are not the only one who should get to talk.

When you are speaking with another person, concentrate on what he or she is saying. Listen actively and decisively, so that your mind wouldn’t wander.

Remember, what you want is to gain information, understand others, share concepts, solve problems, explain misunderstandings and so on. This will also help you determine the tone and the context of the conversation, what words to say or what questions to ask.

Showing the other person that you are an active listener will make people love to be with you.

Step 2: Less Is More.

We often spend more time talking about the superficial than the essential and significant things. We tend to linger on the introductory speech, the pleasantries and so on. But if you want to be an effective communicator, realize that less is more.

Use fewer, carefully chosen and precise words to express your thoughts and ideas. Don’t beat around the bush. Be specific and keep it simple.

Using too many words may cause you to stray from the topic at hand. Learn how to impress people with words by being concise, expressing your thoughts clearly, and keeping to the point.

Step 3: Ask Questions.

Don’t be afraid or intimidated to clarify something that you don’t understand. This doesn’t only show that you listened and understood what was said, it also shows that you are interested in the topic and that you care enough about it to avoid misunderstandings.

Another tip on how to impress with words is by asking questions that are open-ended. This will help the conversation flow more smoothly and less forced. It will also help you learn more about the person or the subject being discussed, and can possibly direct the conversation to more interesting topics.

Learning how to impress with words is easy, as long as you keep your mind open. This will allow you to listen and speak more clearly and efficiently. And it will also help you understand other people and relate to them better

To your speaking success

Fran Watson


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