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Using Social Media for Speaking Gigs

4 Things Smart Speakers Do Before & During Events

Elisa was attending her first conference as a speaker. She was excited and nervous. Since she’d never done this before, she reached out to one of her Facebook groups with experienced speakers. She asked them for advice and this is what some members suggested she do….

Harness Social Media

“Use social media to make a big deal about your speaking gigs,” Sarah advised her. She said, “Make sure everyone knows you’ve been booked to speak and share your excitement in prepping for the event.”

Doing this accomplishes two things at once: first, it makes you look great and second, it promotes the event. Hosts love to see their speakers talking up the conference or event. It makes them feel like you’re a team player and they’re more likely to recommend you to others who might need a speaker.

Find the Event Hashtag

Before you post, look around online. Try to find the event hashtag as most hosts to create one. This hashtag will be useful both before, during, and after the event. It’s also a terrific way to get to know other attendees.

Next, look for the other speakers on social media. If you’re not already following them, start now. If they follow you back, you can send a brief message that says, “I see you’re attending Conference ABC on DATE. I’ll be there too and can’t wait to meet you!”

Post Photos

“During the event, try to ask for photos and share them proudly,” Jennifer recommended. She says, “When you do this, you build connections and help people remember who you were at the event.”

You may want to grab photos with other speakers and industry leaders as well as audience members. If the event host or organizer is there, get a shot together, too! Don’t forget to use the event hashtag when posting your photos.

Put Your Phone Away

“Don’t forget to put down your phone at the event,” Marla cautioned. “If you’re not careful, it’s easy to spend the whole conference or event absorbed in the virtual aspect of it.”

For many speakers, attending the event is about making connections as much as it is the speaking aspect. This means that you want to take the time to unplug and be present with those around you.

Remember that speaking at the event is awesome and can be an amazing confidence-builder. But the buzz you get before and after is the most valuable part of the whole experience.

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