Gratitude – thoughts about being grateful

Gratitude September 29th, one more day and we start a new month. It seems that the end of the month and the beginnings of the month are times that we think about what has passed and what is to come.  For instance, I was thinking this morning about gratitude and all the things I have to… Continue reading Gratitude – thoughts about being grateful

Measure Your Comfort Zone

Measuring Your Comfort Zone Peter Drucker famously said “What gets measured, gets managed”. What if you could measure your comfort zone? Would this encourage more people to face their challenges and live more exciting lives? Just imagine if you could actually measure your comfort zone.  How big would yours be?  Would it be the size… Continue reading Measure Your Comfort Zone

Age Better by Embracing New Challenges

Did you realize that embracing new challenges can help you age better? Our comfort zones tend to shrink as we get older — but if we can .  It’s easier to sit in the rocking chair, reading a book, or watching some television than to get up and physically do something new.  However, if we… Continue reading Age Better by Embracing New Challenges

Expand Your Comfort Zone

Here are some ways to break out (and by proxy, expand) your comfort zone without going too far:  (from Do everyday things differently. Take a different route to work. Try a new restaurant without checking Yelp first. Go vegetarian for a week, or a month. Try a new operating system. Recalibrate your reality. Whether… Continue reading Expand Your Comfort Zone

Hiring A Coach

Hire A Coach   Last but not least, consider hiring a coach. If you are, or have ever been an athlete, I don’t have to convince you of the benefit of a good coach when it comes to athletics. Your coach can see what it is you need to improve and provide you with exercises… Continue reading Hiring A Coach


The Power Of Accountability Accountability – “the fact or condition of being accountable; responsibility.”  It’s a word that strikes fear into the heart of the comfort zone!  It’s easy to stay in our comfort zone and not experience any personal growth when there’s no one there to call us out on it. Accountability works. That’s… Continue reading Accountability

Tips & Strategies for Stepping Out Of Your Comfort Zone

Tips for moving out of your comfort zone. Now that you have a better idea of the importance of stepping out of your comfort zone and into the realm of possibility, it’s time to get to work and make that happen. In this post, I’m sharing some tips and strategies that will help you do… Continue reading Tips & Strategies for Stepping Out Of Your Comfort Zone

Stuck In Your Comfort Zone?

What Happens When We Stay Stuck In Our Comfort Zone?   Stuck in your comfort zone?  Before we move into looking at tips and ideas about getting out of your comfort zone, or expanding it into the realm of possibility, it’s important that we take a closer look at what happens when we stay stuck… Continue reading Stuck In Your Comfort Zone?

Growth and Self-Confidence

There’s an interesting connection between personal growth and self-confidence that I want to point out. We all go through periods in our lives where our self-esteem and our self-confidence are low. It’s not a good feeling isn’t it? It comes as no surprise that hundreds, if not thousands of books and papers have been written… Continue reading Growth and Self-Confidence

Getting Out Of Your Comfort Zone

Getting Out Of Your Comfort Zone   Let’s start with some bad news. We can’t actually step out of our comfort zone. As soon as you do something unexpected and scary, it becomes part of what you’re starting to get comfortable with. The good news is that you can stretch it as far as you’d… Continue reading Getting Out Of Your Comfort Zone