Speaking Out

Speaking of speaking out…. What have you been speaking about?  Or have you been speaking lately? When was the last time you gave a speech?   What was it about?  Were you giving a presentation at work?  Did you give a speech at a club you belong to? How did it go?  Did you feel great… Continue reading Speaking Out

Simple Speaking Mistakes

Simple Speaking Mistakes Do you believe that mistakes are bad or a learning experience? I like to believe that a mistake can show me where I need to improve in some way. I have made MANY mistakes over the years while raising my 4 children, while working, in my relationships. Each time I learned something.… Continue reading Simple Speaking Mistakes

Congratulations Verity

Newest World Champion Public Speaker – Verity Price From Forbes: “If your life is not going the way you want, you need to write a different story,” is the advice of Verity Price, the newly crowned public speaking world champion. With an inspiring speech titled, “A Great Read,” Price, a 46-year-old professional speaker and facilitator… Continue reading Congratulations Verity

Elevator Speech

How to Craft the Ideal Elevator Speech Although our countries have been closed down over the past year and a bit, we are still networking through Zoom and other online options.  This gives us the opportunity to introduce ourselves. Networking is one of the key tools that can make the difference between a good career… Continue reading Elevator Speech

Better Conversations

Better Conversations are possible Most of us spend time each day surrounded by friends, colleagues, strangers and loved ones, whether that’s on our daily commute, sitting in the park, at home, at work, or visiting the supermarket.   Yet many of us have a self-imposed feeling of isolation. We might say a quick “Hello” but… Continue reading Better Conversations

Deep Conversations

Boring Small Talk or Deep Conversations? Tim Denning says: Meaningful conversations can lead to bizarre opportunities. How are you? is a throwaway line we’re taught to say at a young age, so we can appear to be polite. Tim goes on to say:  The best conversations flow. They are improvised and allowed to breathe. They’re led… Continue reading Deep Conversations

Picking A Speech Topic

Lance Miller shares some tips on picking a speech topic in his YouTube Video.  Lance Miller, a Toastmaster from Glendale, California, emerged victorious and claimed the title of 2005 World Champion of Public Speaking.  Since that time he has been sharing tips to help others on their speaking journey.  On his website LanceMillerSpeaks.com you will… Continue reading Picking A Speech Topic