Speech Titles

The Importance of Speech Titles Cozy Log Cabin Cheesecake doesn’t the sound of that roll across your tongue and make you salivate?   That’s how your speech title should sound to your audience. This is nutrition month and time to think about health and energy and eating well and maybe a Cozy Log Cabin Cheesecake doesn’t fit… Continue reading Speech Titles


It’s been a long time since I have posted here and there are many reasons for that.   I have encountered a few challenges over the past few months with my mother who is 97 years of age. She had been in and out of hospital for several months and I was spending my days and… Continue reading Challenges

Seniors Health Care

My experience with Senior Health Care has been varied.  For the past several weeks, since the end of November, I have been either at the hospital with my mother or living in her retirement residence 24/7 as she has coped with various health issues.  Most of these issues have been UTIs, which I have been… Continue reading Seniors Health Care

Open Ended Questions

The Power Of Open Ended Questions And Discussion   There’s a lot you can do to encourage creative thinking in all areas of your life. In yesterday’s post, we talked about changing the climate and culture around you, as well as, your environment. That’s one strategy to get you there. Today I have another one… Continue reading Open Ended Questions


How Journaling Can Help You Cultivate Positive Thinking Habits Do you keep a journal? It’s a great way to think things through and find patterns in your life. It’s a great way to record memories and personal growth. It’s also an excellent way to cultivate positive thinking habits. “Habits” is the key word here. How… Continue reading Journaling

The Many Faces of Communication

The Many Faces of Communication Facebook Messenger Instagram Snapchat Facebook Live Blogs Face Time Books Records Podcasts YouTube Text Messages Telephone Fax Telegram Handwritten note Speech Radio Email Voice mail Skype Twitter Newspaper Face-to-Face What is your favourite way to communicate? How well do you communicate? Do you ever misinterpret a message? Are your messages… Continue reading The Many Faces of Communication

Attitude of Gratitude

Back in March 2017 I wrote about keeping a gratitude journal. I just came across this post by Felcia Slattery. “By becoming thankful for the wonderful things in our life, we invite even more of what we want to join us on our Journey. Writing in a gratitude journal takes no more than five minutes… Continue reading Attitude of Gratitude

Copywriting Tips

10 Copywriter Tips That Work If you want to improve your copywriter skills you’ll want to check out these 10 copywriter tips that are proven to work. Sales writing is barely tolerated by the marketplace so companies and entrepreneurs are looking for copywriters that have a record of success. Boring copywriting is an immediate failing… Continue reading Copywriting Tips