Becoming Successful

This is a question that I have been considering over the past week as I began my studying with Mark Hendricks and the Ultimate Success Program.

Mark’s goal is to help me (and everyone else) change my mindset from lack to prosperity.  He had us begin by listing all the ways we have been successful in the past so that we can build on that success to create a new fuutre.

It’s like moving through the Toastmasters Competent Communicator manual, building on the successes of each speech and moving on to the next one – from the Ice Breaker to Organizing Your Speech, to Vocal Variety, Body Language, Researching Your Topic, Using Props, etc., until you ultimately complete your final speech inspiring your audience.  Then you move on to the Advanced Manuals, choosing one that will enhance your skills in a particular area.

The Ultimate Success Program ia another way to build your skills, to achieve success in your life.  Each week you work through the lesson using audios and print outs and then a simple test before you move on to the next lesson.

Why don’t you join me?  We can work through the lessons together and share experiences.  I have already learned so much about myself and the successes I have achieved.  Just click here for more information.

Hope to see you there.

Fran Watson

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