Stretch Yourself Challenges

Stretching Yourself

I am once again participating in a Stretch Yourself Challenge – Kelly McCausey’s 14th one.  This caused me to take a look at my blog posts, my websites and I found that this one was really out of date and also had some major problems.  So I called my tech support – my son!

He took a look at my site, fixed some of the things he could and left me to work on the rest.  (He trusted me?   He might have to come back and fix up more…  LOL)

The fun thing about Kelly McCausey’s Stretch Yourself Challenge is that you have a chance to choose from 21 different topics.  You read through the challenges and pick one that makes you step outside of your comfort zone a little.  Each time you stretch a little bit, you grow.

In September, you get a chance to participate “live” with weekly check ins and more, but the rest of the year you still have a chance to work on the challenge indpendently.

Kelly indicates in the challenge whether the challenge is easy, medium or hard.  You get to decide what kind of time you have available for the challenge.  You want to make sure you are able to complete it because she has some pretty cool bonuses.

We started on the 1st of September, but there is still time to get in and finish a project.  Check it out here.  Start a YouTube Channel, Hold a Webinar, Host a Challenge.   21 to choose from.

mug with writing
Time To Fly

Hope to see you stretching soon.


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