Grow Your Business By Speaking

How Speaking Can Grow Your Business

Tammy was a copywriting coach who was looking to grow her business. A friend suggested she give public speaking a try and encouraged her to experiment with the idea. Tammy was intrigued but she wanted to know more about speaking and how it could grow her business. Here are four key benefits of speaking that Tammy’s friend shared…

Speaking = Respect

The wonderful thing about speaking to a group is that you have the opportunity to meet your audience in person. Meeting people in person has greater impact than meeting them online.

Even better, the impact of a first meeting is multiplied when people meet you as a speaker at an event they are attending. That’s because most people have a natural respect for speakers. It’s powerful social proof that you’re smart and have value to share.

Speaking = Authority

When you’re speaking at an event, it gives you instant authority. People are more likely to trust you and take action when you make a suggestion. That’s because they believe you’re a credible source since you’re a speaker.

Speaking = Boosted Visibility

One of the best benefits from speaking is the boosted visibility. Not only will the people attending the conference or event have a chance to see you, so will others even if they never attend. That’s because the event organizer will have handouts, flyers, and other promotional material that they share online and offline. So even if someone doesn’t show up, they may still hear your name and remember you as the expert from that conference.

Another reason that speaking boosts your visibility is because you have the audience’s undivided attention for a few minutes. When people watch your videos online or join into your live stream, they’re usually multi-tasking at the same time. That means you’re not getting their full attention and they’re less likely to act on your advice. But when you speak, you have the full attention of the room.

Speaking = Industry Contacts

The more you speak, the more you’ll get a chance to meet other speakers and event coordinators. As you begin to make friends, your own circle of influence and impact will grow.

Some business owners have made life-changing contacts by simply getting to know other event leaders, topic experts, and speakers. If you see someone you might enjoy connecting with, don’t be afraid to go up and say, “Hello!” You never know where the encounter may lead!

If you’re looking to sell products or be hired, making connections through speaking opportunities can’t be beat. It’s the best way to position yourself as an expert and get your business out there.

Fran Watson

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