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“30 Days to a More Optimistic You” Positivity Challenge – Day 5: A Cup of Self Reflection.

What is it about a hot drink that lends itself so readily to self reflection and self realization?

Help yourself to an attitude of gratitude in the form of self reflection and self realization. Wrap your hands around a warm mug of herbal tea that you take time to sip slowly from a rocker on the front porch.

Don’t have a front porch? Take a walk to your favorite downtown coffee house, and sit and sip on a bench outside the shop. Take some time for self reflection as the warm breeze kisses your skin and the sunshine warms and rejuvenates your spirit.

Feeling like being with a friend? Make a date to meet for tea or coffee, cocoa or chai. Relax and let the conversation drift where it may. Give each other the gift of comfortable silence if that’s your momentary pleasure.

Pour a cup of light tea with milk and honey, for the kids after school. Electronics off; senses on. Have everyone sit together, maybe at the breakfast nook of your sunny and comfortable kitchen.

Exercise 5: A Cup of Self Reflection

On Day 5 of our Positivity Challenge, take the time to be grateful for yourself and all of your excellent qualities. This is an exercise that you can do on your own, or with the aforementioned special people with whom you plan to enjoy that warm drink.

Some questions to ask of yourself…

What makes you special, likeable, and different?

What would you say are your most redeeming qualities?

Imagine if someone were tasked with the job of writing your eulogy – the qualities and gestures you’ll be remembered for during the course of your life.

What do you think people would say about you? What would you want them to say?

If the you who you are today isn’t meeting up with the expectations that you have in your own head of who and how you want to be… what changes can you make to move closer to accomplishing your own personal goals?

Journal It.

Take some time to ruminate over the things about yourself that bring you joy. What parts of your personality and your way of being are you most grateful for? Put pen to paper, and make a list.

Honor the person you were in your childhood, your youth and your young adulthood if that applies. Acknowledge the path you’ve chosen on your journey with all of its twists and turns.

Give thanks for who you are today. Look at how far you’ve come, and the ways you’ve changed from your younger, less experienced self.

Celebrate the wiser and more mature “you” of the future. Imagine all that you’ll be tomorrow. Remember that it’s a new season and a new beginning for you… and in a weird way, tomorrow is today!

To celebrating you and all your successes.

Fran Watson

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