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Stretching Your Comfort Zone

Stretching Your Comfort Zone – Why It Is Important To Stretch Yourself And Grow


If we want our bodies to work well, we must do some stretching when we get up in the morning.  Otherwise, after time, we might end up stuck in bed and unable to move.

I don’t like the feeling of being stuck and I’m sure you’re not any diffstretch comfort zoneerent. We don’t like to be stuck in traffic, we don’t enjoy being stuck in a bad relationship, and we certainly don’t like being stuck in a room or worse an elevator. In other words, we don’t like to be physically stuck. It makes us anxious. We even use it as a punishment in the form of prisons.

While being physically stuck is very obvious and uncomfortable, being mentally stuck isn’t always as noticeable. It’s just as important to avoid being stuck when it comes to our mind and our personal growth.

It’s important that we stretch ourselves and grow as human beings. We don’t want to stay stuck.

When that happens our mental health and how we feel about ourselves suffers. It’s not just that being stuck makes us feel bad, it also keeps us from reaching our full potential. It keeps us from leading a full and happy life. It keeps us from reaching our goals and then going far beyond our wildest dreams.

Have you ever found yourself stuck in a situation you didn’t like?  What did you do about it?  Did you fuss and fume and say, “It’s not fair”, or did you stop and think about how to get yourself out of that situation?  As children, we may have resorted to the first and complain to those around us that it wasn’t fair, but as adults we have learned that many situations are “not fair”, but we don’t have to remain stuck in them.  We can figure out what to do  on our own.

Staying stuck keeps us from the excitement and pride we experience when we grow and go further than we ever thought possible. We are at our core explorers and adventurers.

Don’t allow yourself to get stuck. Keep stretching, keep dreaming, keep expanding your comfort zone and find out for yourself what’s just around the corner in the realm of possibility. It’s good for the soul.  Take that step.  Commit yourself to giving a speech.  Find people who support you in your quest for growth.  Stay away from those who only have negative comments to share.  Decide what you want to do, then…

comfort zoneTo stretching your comfort zone

Fran Watson




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