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Deep Conversations

Deep Conversations
Meaningful Conversations

Boring Small Talk or Deep Conversations?

Tim Denning says:  Meaningful conversations can lead to bizarre opportunities.

Most people begin with “How are you?”   Tim says that “ is a throwaway line we’re taught to say at a young age, so we can appear to be polite.”

Tim goes on to say:  The best conversations flow. They are improvised and allowed to breathe. They’re led by open-mindedness. Not knowing where a conversation is going to end up is the best feeling there is.

He even suggest something a little shocking!!!

A killer question to break the ice

A good opening question is, “what are you working on?” It opens the other person up to talk about work, family, or one of their hobbies.

It’s a question that instantly points towards someone’s passions in life. When we talk about passion, we light up. That’s when the real conversation starts.

Open questions allow a conversation to progress naturally, without your queries becoming a forced map a person subconsciously thinks they have to follow.”

Find out more about his thought’s and how to go deeper.  ” A conversation can go a lot deeper when you sit there and truly hear what the other person is saying. Introverts can actually be the best networkers.”

Tim even has some excellent suggestions for job interviews!  You can also find him on Medium.

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Here’s to having better conversations with your friends and strangers.


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